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Installation on Fedora Core

  1. Needed Packages
  2. Install from the Source
  3. Configuration

Needed Packages

To install Vuurmuur on Fedora Core you need this packages: Install them via yum or apt to resolve dependencies.

automake autoconf autoconf gcc gettext gettext-devel libtool which gcc-c++ ncurses-devel

Install from source

Installing from source is made easy with a install script. The steps that need to be taken for this type of installation will be explained below.

  1. download the archive, e.g. Vuurmuur-0.5.68.tar.gz, and store it on your disk
  2. unpack the archive with the command 'tar -xvzf Vuurmuur-0.5.68.tar.gz'
  3. enter the directory Vuurmuur-0.5.68
  4. Now run the install script: ./ --install --defaults

(this will use the default locations, /etc/vuurmuur for the config /usr/bin/ for the binaries, /usr/share/vuurmuur for misc files and /var/log/vuurmuur for logs)

  1. After some waiting you should get a success message.


To install Vuurmuur as a service copy the init script from e.g. "/usr/share/vuurmuur/scripts/" to "/etc/init.d/". To add and autostart the service type "chkconfig --add" and "chkconfig on" Then start Vuurmuur "/etc/init.d/ start"

At last you should install the logrotate skript. Simply copy /usr/share/vuurmuur/scripts/vuurmuur-logrotate to /etc/logrotate.d/