Installation instructions for installing from source

Installing from source is made easy with an install script. The steps that need to be taken for this type of installation will be explained below.

  1. download the archive, e.g. vuurmuur-0.8rc4.tar.gz, and store it on your disk
  2. unpack the archive with the command 'gzip -cd vuurmuur-0.8rc4.tar.gz | tar xvf -'
  3. enter the directory vuurmuur-0.8rc4
  4. Now run the install script: ./installer/ --install --defaults (this will use the default locations, /etc/vuurmuur for the config, /usr/bin/ for the binaries, /usr/share/vuurmuur for misc files and /var/log/vuurmuur for logs)
  5. After some waiting you should get a success message.
  6. To make sure Vuurmuur gets started on boot, please look at the script in /usr/share/vuurmuur/scripts/.
  7. To get an initial config run 'vuurmuur_conf --wizard'

If you run into trouble, make sure to check the installation Faq.

Installation instructions for specific distributions

If you use a distro not mentioned here, please consider adding it to the list!

Now you are ready to get to the Configuration to configure your firewall!

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