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Monitoring Traffic Volume

This document will describe how to use IPTrafVol with Vuurmuur. In vuurmuur_conf you can monitor the traffic volume by choosing 'Traffic Volume' from the main menu. However, you will first have to setup IPTrafvol.

Download IP Traffic Volume from From IPTrafVol we only use the perl script The initscripts must not be used, Vuurmuur will take care of setting up the required iptables-rules.

Installation is simple:

  1. copy to some place in the PATH
  2. create the directory /var/log/iptrafvol

Now run ' -l' to update the accounting information. Run ' -d' to see the statistics. You can call the ' -l' command from the crontab every few minutes to update the statistics.

Example for every one minute updates:

$ crontab -l
0-59 * * * * /usr/bin/ -l

In vuurmuur_conf you have to specify the location of the command. Go to 'Vuurmuur_conf Settings' and enter the path. After this you can monitor the used Traffic Volume!

Vuurmuur traffic volume monitoring

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