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Changelog 2007

0.5.74 alpha 2 (2007-12-16)

  • Add --reload option to vuurmuur_script to make vuurmuur and vuurmuur_log reload their config
  • Add support for Checkboxes in the GUI functions. Add support for enabling and disabling shaping per interface. Closes #32.
  • Fix building of vuurmuur_conf rpm on Fedora 7. Thanks for fixing Stefan Ubbink.
  • Add support for the Vuurmuur pc acting as a DHCP server where the host already has an ip, but requests a new one anyway.
  • Add fix for creation of duplicate tc rules.
  • Fix the ncurses fix for systems without wide ncurses headers but with ncursesw libs.

0.5.74 alpha 1 (2007-11-15)

  • Add support for traffic shaping.
  • Rewrite rules engine fixing a lot of issues.
  • Fix parsing errors showing up in the connection viewer.

0.5.73 (2007-09-17)

  • update links to reflect new site
  • fix a number of support scripts not working when /bin/sh didn't point to bash
  • fix a few stats in the status window
  • fix a parse bug in the logview management

0.5.73 alpha 7 (2007-09-08)

  • Memory problems (corruption & leaks) in the connection viewer were fixed.
  • Russian translation updated by Alex.

0.5.73 alpha 6 (2007-09-01)

  • Add a separate message for when a user wants to apply changes when the Vuurmuur daemon is not running.
  • Add support for conntrack 'unknown' lines with unreplied state.

0.5.73 alpha 5 (2007-08-23)

  • Fix in_int and out_int not working in rules from and to the firewall. Thanks for reporting Jorijn.
  • Updated Dutch translation.

0.5.73 alpha 4 (2007-07-22)

  • Add the option to limit rules per minute, hour and day.
  • Allow limit option for all rules.
  • Fix for the prevention of duplicate NFQUEUE rules.
  • Make sure only one set of rules is created per queue number in the NFQUEUE chains. This prevents lot's of unneeded and uneffective rules.

0.5.73 alpha 3 (2007-06-01)

  • Added support for NFQUEUE
  • Fixed loading of modules and checking of capabilities on more recent systems.
  • Removed the obsolete markiptstate option.

0.5.73 alpha 2 (2007-01-21)

  • Fixed the killing of grouped connections.
  • Fixed the Debian initscript for systems not linking /bin/sh to /bin/bash

0.5.73 alpha 1 (2007-01-08)

  • Fixed the killing of DNAT/PORTFW connections.

0.5.72 (2007-01-05)

  • No changes since alpha7.

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