14:32 Manual edited by Tiger!P
Added a link to a way to use vuurmuur with fail2ban (diff)


17:28 Ticket #112 (Traffic log viewer should give a "shortcut" for adding new rules when ...) created by topher.incognito@…
A nice feature of a commercial firewall I used to use let me add new …


15:36 Changeset [a8d58df] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
This is working again. Split off some IPC stuff as well


23:38 Changeset [940d7f9] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Added in option -K which will check to see if a vuurmuur_log process …
20:21 Changeset [0d4cab9] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
strlcpy instead of strncpy
17:39 Changeset [42d5c0a] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
snprintf / strncpy instead of sprintf / strcpy
17:10 Changeset [467a6ae] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Rewrote BuildVMLine to more manageable format
16:51 Changeset [a1bea46] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
detangled syslog and traffic log functionality and made main loop …
14:45 Changeset [52c3b43] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Moved some syslog parsing specific stuff around to logfile.c
14:03 Changeset [2cbdd22] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Moving statistics stuff in separate file. We should consider keeping …
11:59 Changeset [0adb503] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Okay, and the functions I had put into stats.c could probably go in …
11:58 Changeset [ce1877c] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Some small changes to save before I'm going to make a big mess yet …
09:09 Changeset [2d1316d] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
Use the right variables for checking commands.


23:26 Changeset [df8d052] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
Updated the config files, because they are now used by the install.sh …
23:02 Changeset [089af8d] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
Added some minor comments
12:12 Changeset [c662670] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
New prototype for check_pidfile(), also checking for stale pidfiles now
09:41 DoxygenHeaders edited by Tiger!P
No need for a date since svn will track that better (diff)


14:49 DoxygenHeaders created by Tiger!P
First version of the doxygen headers
14:15 Developers edited by Tiger!P
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14:02 Changelog edited by Tiger!P
Issue 102 is solved (diff)


19:54 Changeset [eb004ac] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Merge results
18:28 Changeset [6dac838] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Added libraries to vuurmuur_log. There's also some conntrack logging …
17:51 Changeset [e312218] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Well maybe despite better judgement I'll hack in netfilter_log support …
13:19 Changeset [10f5e59] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Oepsie, added --nflog-group to all rule creation as well
13:06 Changeset [536c529] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Creating NFLOG targets now
12:16 Changeset [79a0d5a] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Adding a field in iptcap struct, probing for xt_NFLOG


09:03 Ticket #111 (vuurmuur daemon should not be running as root) created by Fred Leeflang
We may only need CAP_NET_ADMIN but perhaps we should build using …
09:00 Changeset [70f9251] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
Use a general tmplog Create the config based on the sample configs in …
00:26 Changeset [fb6389e] by Daniele Sluijters <github@…>
* Add a leading 0 to the %{?*_version} macro's to fix parseErrors


23:35 Ticket #110 (Define 'actions') created by Fred Leeflang
If we would have an 'actions' section in the menu we could define …
23:31 Ticket #109 (Services should get colors in the logviewer) created by Fred Leeflang
There are many more services than available colors obviously and most …
23:18 Changeset [5510a2d] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Added RULE_NFLOG and NFGRP to sample config file
23:13 Changeset [5c0f138] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Added checkbox which is on by default for NF logging. Added numeric …
23:05 Changeset [56e2eb7] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Nearly working version, only problem is that for some reason the NFLOG …
22:42 Changeset [871259f] by Daniele Sluijters <github@…>
* Now succesfully builds on openSuSE 11.x * Add minimum versions to …
10:13 Ticket #107 (service: sixxs) closed by Victor Julien
fixed: Applied in changeset:282. Thanks!
10:12 Changeset [3779643] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Add sixxs service, closes #107.
09:01 Changeset [eeb30b7] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Completely backing out earlier ULOG menu option changes as I think …
00:12 Ticket #108 (Vuurmuur recognizes my pppd address as spoofed) created by Kevin
When port forwarding from my LAN network to the proxy (that has a …


00:21 Changeset [9ab1eaf] by Daniele Sluijters <github@…>
* Add libvuurmuur-plugin-0.7.patch * This patch fixes the …


19:59 Changeset [7f97371] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
ticket:6 now saving RULE_ULOG in vuurmuur_conf.conf. Option is in …
19:38 Changeset [97c2b06] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
ticket:6 on #trac they told me the above might work but perhaps not …
18:51 Changeset [cf8f288] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Making new branch for ulog target based on working trunk


18:53 Ticket #104 (Internet network definition - all address space minus reserved private ...) closed by Victor Julien
11:18 WIPUlogdSupport edited by Tiger!P
mention the branch (diff)


11:59 Ticket #107 (service: sixxs) created by Daniele Sluijters
It might be useful to include a SixXS service, took me a few tries to …


16:30 Ticket #106 (ubuntu karmic 9.10 output of vuurmuur_conf broken with german UTF-8) created by anonymous
vuurmuur-conf-0.8-beta2/debian/rules configure line still with …
15:01 Ticket #105 (Multiple flags to filter Vuurmuur Log) created by Rafael Isturiz
With a lot of traffic would be nice to filter the log with multple …
12:13 Ticket #104 (Internet network definition - all address space minus reserved private ...) created by zz.plat00n@…
Current definition of Internet Network can be achieved by defining a …


19:22 Ticket #102 (libvuurmuur.so is not install in the right dir on a x86_64 system) closed by Tiger!P
fixed: This has been fixed with r264 , you can now use the --libdir option of …
15:45 Changeset [5a18ef6] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Fixup automake calls
15:43 Changeset [f7484f9] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
fix the copying the zones when in svn mode
15:26 Changeset [62e16db] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Replace reference to arch command by uname -m
15:21 Changeset [e4a6081] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Remove unnecessary build sys files and add autogen.sh files to create …
12:12 Changeset [665ce01] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
Fix running with custom libdir and adjusted install.sh for that


20:01 Changeset [d879c01] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
First part to be able to install in a different dir. Thanks to Stjepan Gros
11:36 Changeset [4ecd014]0.8beta2 by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Tag 0.8beta2
11:34 WikiStart edited by Victor Julien
11:25 Changeset [f1ae29a] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
bump version to 0.8beta2
11:24 Changelog edited by Victor Julien
10:14 Changeset [19df3f5] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
another build sys update


15:28 Changeset [d753f64] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Build update.
11:28 Changeset [6a7f63e] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Build sys update and minor cleanups.
10:59 Changeset [4ac150e] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Remove query.c
10:59 Changeset [e7e5685] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Move last functions out of query.c
09:17 Ticket #100 (Option to disable blocking of invalid packets) closed by Victor Julien
fixed: Implemented in changeset:255. Please reopen if you run into issues.
09:16 Changeset [3eb2e154] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Add an option to not drop invalid packets. Closes #100.


16:45 Ticket #101 (Does Vuurmuur give protection from DDOS) closed by Victor Julien
invalid: Closed as invalid, not a bug report.
16:43 Ticket #103 (service definition: samba) closed by Victor Julien
fixed: Fixed by changeset:254.
16:42 Changeset [5d18db9] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Update default samba service. Closes #103.


18:54 Ticket #103 (service definition: samba) created by Daniele Sluijters
Currently, the samba service defined by default in vuurmuur is a …
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