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amd64 packages missing from intrepid repository

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comment:1 by Victor Julien, 14 years ago

Component: suiteautobuilder
Owner: changed from Victor Julien to Adi Kriegisch
Type: defecttask

Correct. Our debian/ubuntu build server currently only supports building 32bit debs. We plan to fix this one day, but time is an issue. So no ETA for a fix.

In the meantime you can pull the source debs and cook your own. It's easy!

comment:2 by VFXCode, 13 years ago

Type: taskenhancement

Hallo after one and a half year i would like to ask if there is any news on the subject. Considering that most of Cloud hosting companies offer 64bit systems and that vuurmuur was recently (02 September 2010 I think) removed from the official Debian repositories it would help greatly us that are managing multiple servers. Building from source while being a bit time consuming for a single system it is a lot of trouble for 10 or more systems.

comment:3 by Adi Kriegisch, 13 years ago

Status: newassigned

ok, i386 abd amd64. Are there any other architectures that we do want to support (ppc, arm, ...)? I have to rethink the concept of the autobuilder and let it run in an emulation... Too bad, vuurmuur has been removed from Debian; shall we copy debian dir from the Debian packages or stick with what was already there?

comment:4 by Victor Julien, 13 years ago

I think amd64 is enough, at least to start.

Using the Debian debian/ dir has the problem that it will disrupt upgrading of ppl using already, as Debian named libvuurmuur0 as the lib package name. I'm sure some Debian packaging foo could work around that though...

comment:5 by Adi Kriegisch, 13 years ago

I could do amd64 without emulation as well, because I have the hardware at hand. But I can hardly do ppc and I cannot do arm. So this is mainly a design decision... ;-) We do not need to implement ppc and arm right now.

comment:6 by Victor Julien, 13 years ago

Right. I vote for just doing amd64 then. If there is demand for more (which I have not seen at all till this date) we can always consider adding support for other architectures.

comment:7 by VFXCode, 13 years ago

Any clue as to when the amd64 packages will be available in the repository?

Thanx :)

comment:8 by detunizedgravity, 11 years ago

I don't have much hope seeing that the previous question did not receive an answer for two years, but I also would like to know if and when you intend to build amd64/x86-64 packages.

Here's the situation:

  • I won't be able to build packages for the target machine for quite a while.
  • Most if not all Intel/AMD platforms are now 64 bits (except in the embedded world) so it should be more of an hassle to build for 32 bits then for 64 bits.

In other words... What the hell?!

comment:9 by Victor Julien, 11 years ago

"What the hell?!" - no one owes you anything, so you can keep this to your self. Help instead of complain.

comment:10 by detunizedgravity, 11 years ago

Oh. Just to be clear about this: it was a "what the hell" driven by surprise, nothing else. I was not complaining, just stating that this was a very surprising situation, and asking if there was any hope of seeing it change. Your reaction shows to me it was not the right way to express it. My bad, sorry. However, I do not feel having been insulting or otherwise being that much of a jerk, so maybe shooting at me like that was not that helpful either.

I *did* take the time to write that I can not gather the required resources to compile my own packages at the time. Otherwise I would happily share them with anyone in the same situation who would trust me. And thus, "help". It is not that I do not want, it is that I cannot.

comment:11 by Victor Julien, 11 years ago

Okay, cool. Misread your tone then.

Btw, quite a coincidence: Adi has been working on getting the 64bit part set up, so hopefully within a few days or weeks we will actually have the debs.

comment:12 by detunizedgravity, 11 years ago

Well, that is very good news. I need a good text mode UI to simplify and speed up my dealing with IPTables. I need it bad. :)

And since I will be trying Vuurmuur obviously, and might have to come back here, I do hope that'll prove to be more tactful and avoid this kind of misunderstanding in the future.

comment:13 by Victor Julien, 10 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

amd64 packages are now available

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