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#121 duplicate Synchronising vuurmuur_conf and /etc/vuurmuur Victor Julien davidbrown

Sometimes it is quicker and easier to work with files directly in the /etc/vuurmuur tree rather than using vuurmuur_conf. For example, I use vuurmuur_conf to make a few rules, zones, etc., so that I am sure of the syntax, and then edit files manually.

This usage would be much improved if vuurmuur_conf were able to re-read the files while running, rather than just at startup (as it seems to do). For example, it should be possible to add a new service to the services directory and then use it directly in vuurmuur_conf rather than having to restart vuurmuur_conf.

Another improvement would be if vuurmuur_conf could leave comments and blank lines unchanged in the rules.conf file (perhaps it should be possible to view and add comment lines from vuurmuur_conf?). When writing something like rules.conf by hand, I prefer to add comments - vuurmuur_conf deletes them when saving.

#118 fixed standard services 'git' and 'svn' in addition to 'cvs' Tiger!P rettub

There's more than cvs :)

#116 fixed add version to the about dialog of vuurmuur_conf Tiger!P rettub

all said in the summary :)

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