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#3 Setup autobuilder Adi Kriegisch task blocker autobuilder
#5 GUI issue: filter negate toggle doesn't show 'X' when activated VictorJ defect blocker vuurmuur-conf
#21 Firewall in/out and Forwarded stats in status window don't show traffic Victor Julien defect blocker vuurmuur-conf
#22 On systems with nf_conntrack, the maximal number of connections is not displayed Victor Julien defect blocker vuurmuur-conf
#17 Fix compiler warnings Victor Julien defect major vuurmuur 0.5.73 alpha 7
#4 Special message for when the user tries to apply changes when Vuurmuur_conf is not connected to the vuurmuur daemon Victor Julien enhancement minor vuurmuur-conf
#7 IP Conntrack line not parsed right Victor Julien defect minor libvuurmuur
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