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Welcome to Vuurmuur Firewall

This is the community page of the Vuurmuur project. Vuurmuur is a powerful middle-end/front-end for netfilter/iptables for Linux aimed at system-administrators who need a decent firewall, but don't have netfilter specific knowledge. It is open source and distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. Take a look at the list of Features. See the ScreenShots and flash demos for an impression.

Interested? This is how you get involved:

Use it

Improve it

  • Get the latest alpha version, run it and report how it works
  • Help improve the documentation on this wiki
  • Create a translation for vuurmuur_conf in your native language
  • Join the vuurmuur-devel mailinglist to participate in discussions
  • Package Vuurmuur for your favorite distro
  • Help others solve their problems at the forums, irc and mailinglist
  • Check the developers page on the wiki

Spread the word

  • Rate the project on
  • Try to convince your favorite distro to include Vuurmuur
  • Tell your friends, collegues, relatives, etc
  • Describe your installation(s), and bring us your Testimonials, to show the power of Vuurmuur. Logo
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