Vuurmuur_conf Connection viewer

In the Vuurmuur_conf you can select 'Connections' to get into the Connection Viewer. Below is a screenshot.

The connection viewer shows the list of current connections. There are a number of options in the way the list is displayed and grouped:


idiplay mode that shows the incoming, outgoing and forwarded connections in separate pane's.
cdiplay mode that shows the connecting, established and disconnecting connections in separate pane's.
ggroups connections that have the same service, source and destination
udisplays the ipaddresses that have no host definition as the network they belong to.
ashow the number of bytes transfered by a connection (note: wraps around at 2GB)
ffilter the list on a filter string
mshow management interface.

Connection management

By pressing 'm' in the realtime viewer, the management interface appears.

The list displays all connections. It will not be updated until the menu is closed again. Using the arrow keys the menu can be navigated. Pressing enter on a connection display the connections options, show below.

The options are to kill the connection, to kill all connections of either the source, the destination or both. Also the connection can be added to the blocklist.

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