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Vuurmuur is a powerful firewall manager on Linux. It works with iptables on Linux 2.4 and 2.6.


  • no iptables knowledge required
  • human readable rules syntax
  • traffic shaping
  • Ncurses GUI, no X required.
  • portforwarding is made very simple
  • easy to setup in with NAT
  • secure default policy
  • entirely manageble through ssh and from the console (including from windows using PuTTY)
  • scriptable for integration with other tools
  • can produce a bash firewall script
  • anti-spoofing features
  • killing of unwanted connections
  • supports working with Suricata & Snort_inline using QUEUE or NFQUEUE


  • realtime logviewing
  • realtime connection viewing
  • filtering in logviewing and connection viewing
  • basic traffic volume accounting
  • searching through old logfiles


  • audit logging: all changes are logged
  • logging of new connections and bad packets
  • traffic volume accounting
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