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Vuurmuur is an open source project developed in C. Anyone interested in helping on the coding is more than welcome!

But you don't have to be a coder to help us out:

  • Translating Vuurmuur into your native language is another option. Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch and German are already done!
  • Testing and reporting bugs and submitting ideas for future releases are also very welcome.
  • Prepare Packages: Debian (woody/sarge/sid), Ubuntu, Gentoo ebuilds, Suse and Autopackage are already done. We would like to see RPMs for different distros and so on.
  • Improve and extend Documentation. Check out our existing documentation, fix typos, improve the text base, add explanations! When you have done a special solution with Vuurmuur, write about it!
  • Donate books, hardware, licenses, pizza, beer, etc...

If you are interested in getting involved with Vuurmuur, join us on the IRC channel. For details see the Contact page. There is also a developers mailinglist (archive).


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