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Vuurmuur is an open source project developed in C. Anyone interested in helping on the coding is more than welcome!

But you don't have to be a coder to help us out:

  • Translating Vuurmuur into your native language is another option. Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch and German are already done!
  • Testing and reporting bugs and submitting ideas for future releases are also very welcome.
  • Prepare Packages: Debian (woody/sarge/sid), Ubuntu, Gentoo ebuilds, Suse and Autopackage are already done. We would like to see RPMs for different distros and so on.
  • Improve and extend Documentation. Check out our existing documentation, fix typos, improve the text base, add explanations! When you have done a special solution with Vuurmuur, write about it!
  • Donate, or seek Commercial Support.

If you are interested in getting involved with Vuurmuur, join us on the IRC channel. For details see the Contact page. There is also a developers mailinglist (archive).

Developer pages

Working pages

Intended for docs describing and working out new features.

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