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Added git and svn services and rearranged the layout


Current svn trunk tree

  • Added support for nflog target. Closes #6
  • Added git and svn services. Closes #118

0.8beta3 (Not released yet)

  • Make it possible to use the --libdir option of configure to tell where the libs should be placed. Fixes #102
  • Added the sixxs service. Closes #107

0.8beta2 (2009-10-24)

  • Add an option to not drop invalid packets. Closes #100.
  • Update default samba service. Closes #103.
  • Patch by Matthijs Kooijman to make permission handling of Vuurmuur config files configurable. Closes #88.
  • Move over connection killing to use libvuurmuur_exec_command. Fixes #98. Add audit logging to killed connections as well. Fixes #97.

0.8beta1 (2009-04-24)

  • Work around a buggy Jaunty kernel that doesn't properly update /proc/net/ip_tables_targets and /proc/net/ip_tables_matches. Fixes #84.
  • Add init info to the Debian init script. Copied from the official Debian init script for vuurmuur by Daniel Baumann. Should fix #85.
  • Apply patches from ticket #89 by Matthijs Kooijman, in preparation of allowing optional more relaxed permission handling (See #88). Thanks Matthijs!
  • Change the way is executed. Should fix #68.
  • Don't forget to set ip_forwarding when LOG target or limit match support hasn't been detected. Fixes #82.
  • Handle text input of rule separator lines better. Fixes #73.
  • Check in initial version of a bash/dialog bash quick setup wizard. A script that aimed at creating a working, but simple, Vuurmuur configuration quickly.
  • Fix LOAD_MODULES loading from config file.
  • Enable executing the wizard through vuurmuur_conf --wizard.

0.7 (2009-04-04)

  • No changes since 0.7rc3.

0.7rc3 (2009-03-27)

  • Installation script no longer automatically updates the build system, it now only does so when told to
  • Fixed a buffer overflow bug in textdir.
  • Fixed a small layout error in the nfs service.

0.7rc2 (2009-03-22)

  • Updated version of libtool (2.2.4) and Automake (1.10.1)
  • Change building of textdir: the plugin is now a so library.

0.7rc1 (2009-02-28)

  • Fix cmdline overrides of the config getting lost on reloads/apply changes. Closes #67.
  • Don't depend on environment variables to determine if we are root. Closes #66
  • Added services for the IM protocols AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, tinc and NFS
  • Fix portrange parsing for listenports and remoteports entered in the vuurmuur-conf. Closes #61.
  • German translation update by Alexander Weber.

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