20:48 Changeset [efd7f8a] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
suppress conntrack messages that were enabled by default
18:47 Changeset [3eb3efd] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
fix formatting if some flows have accounting info, some have not
18:16 Changeset [476acd8] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Use conntrack command for connection viewing instead of proc files …
13:05 Ticket #141 (conntrack accounting) created by Victor Julien
sysctl -w net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_acct=1 (or via /etc/sysctl.conf, …


17:12 Changeset [bf8b1a1] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
ipv6: fix compilation if ipv6 is disabled


11:50 Ticket #140 (vuurmuur relies on obsolete CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_PROCFS kernel option) created by svoop
(This report is based on vuurmuur-0.8_beta4 which is not yet included …


10:39 Changeset [597ffd8] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
fix compilation for libvuurmuur and vuurmuur when ipv6 is disabled


22:33 Ticket #139 (Missing debian/ folder to build .deb packages) created by Rafael Isturiz
Last version (0.8beta4) dont have "debian/" folder, and give error …
09:11 Changeset [b3023e7] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
ipv6: enable forwarding if forwarding rules we created


17:44 Changeset [a1d1ccb] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
fix netfilter_log configure check


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