15:07 Ticket #116 (add version to the about dialog of vuurmuur_conf) closed by Victor Julien
14:29 Features edited by Victor Julien
14:10 InstallationDebian edited by Victor Julien
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Compact flattr button (diff)


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08:39 Ticket #125 (Apply Changes does not fully work.) closed by Victor Julien
invalid: Not enough info, closing.


19:16 Changeset [d3e2dc9] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Improve error checking of ip_conntrack parsing. Should fix bug #123.
19:05 Ticket #123 (ICMP traffic can kill [segfault] the connection viewer (parser error)) closed by Victor Julien
fixed: Should be fixed by changeset:350. Please reopen if it's still an issue.
11:34 Changeset [6d0f7c6] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Hack around autotools/gettext issue on Ubuntu 10.04.
11:05 Changeset [406430e] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Fixup all compiler warnings. Improve vuurmuur_log error checking. …


16:01 Changeset [fbb7222] by Victor Julien <victor@…>
Point user to error.log if init script fails to start the vuurmuur daemon.


13:15 Ticket #132 (SSL cert for vuurmuur.org) created by Daniele Sluijters
Currently vuurmuur.org uses a self-signed SSL cert causing most …
13:08 Ticket #131 (initd: not starting due to incapability to load iptables modules) created by Daniele Sluijters
Some people still maintain their own kernels (especially Xen-providers …
13:00 Ticket #130 (initd: not starting after unclean shutdown) created by Daniele Sluijters
When vuurmuur starts it checks for the existence of the following …
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