21:21 Ticket #120 (vuurmuur_conf can't find help files when libvuurmuur is configured ...) created by Tiger!P
When libvuurmuur is configured with the --with-shareddir=/usr/share , …


18:20 Ticket #119 (Add a field to determine SNAT address) created by iarly selbir | ski0s
When setting up a SNAT rule a field to determine the SNAT address …


23:56 Ticket #116 (add version to the about dialog of vuurmuur_conf) reopened by rettub
Replying to tigerp: > This has been put in the trunk with …
20:12 Changelog edited by Tiger!P
Ticket 116 (diff)
20:10 Ticket #116 (add version to the about dialog of vuurmuur_conf) closed by Tiger!P
fixed: This has been put in the trunk with a small change. See r327 for the …
20:08 Changeset [ca39cab] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
Add a version number to the about screen. Closes #116
19:39 Ticket #118 (standard services 'git' and 'svn' in addition to 'cvs') closed by Tiger!P
fixed: Added to the current trunk as r326.
19:37 Changelog edited by Tiger!P
Added git and svn services and rearranged the layout (diff)
19:28 Changeset [7a6b6a4] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
Added git and svn protocols. Closes #118
17:48 Ticket #118 (standard services 'git' and 'svn' in addition to 'cvs') created by rettub
There's more than cvs :)
14:04 Ticket #117 (exclusive use of <Q> or <F10> to quit vuurmuur_conf) created by rettub
Being in a dialog and pressing (by accident) <esc>, <q> or <F10> …
13:21 Ticket #116 (add version to the about dialog of vuurmuur_conf) created by rettub
all said in the summary :)
10:39 Ticket #115 (Add IPv6 support) created by Tiger!P
I think we should add support for IPv6.


08:50 Changelog edited by Fred Leeflang


15:45 Changeset [cb4ff68] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
15:32 Changeset [1f0ab7d] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
trunk changes + ulog branch
11:47 Changeset [c329dec] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Making a branch for the release so bigger dev stuff can be merged back …
09:08 Ticket #6 (Ulog or libnetfilter_log support to replace syslog) closed by Fred Leeflang
fixed: All the code for this is now in the vuurmuur-ulog branch. This branch …
08:53 Changeset [f025c3c] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
- fixed a restart problem where restart tried to reopen_syslog if …


18:17 Changeset [cb454d1] by Tiger!P <tigerp+github@…>
Document the deprecated -l option and don't use it in the init scripts


15:40 Features edited by Fred Leeflang
14:49 Changeset [1a4159f] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Tentatively working nflog branch. Needs more testing still as much has …
14:47 Changeset [04c8eb2] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
Added few options to daemon
14:44 Changeset [958c7d4] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
put an ifndef around some stuff in vuurmuur.h. Stuff that uses it …


16:11 Ticket #114 (Need to the ability to adjust the r2k value) created by mdrons
Need to the ability to adjust the r2k value within the shaping …
15:49 Changeset [c7dec6e] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
saving progress
09:59 Ticket #113 (amd64 package is lost) closed by Victor Julien
duplicate: Duplicate of #83. Feel free to help us by providing packages.
07:33 Ticket #113 (amd64 package is lost) created by anonymous
W: Failed to fetch …


08:46 Changeset [a298130] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
consolidated 'struct logrule' and 'struct draw_rule_fmt_' into 'struct …


23:44 Changeset [f5e55a6] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
checkpoint. The algorithm looks to work correct now. I'm wondering if …


14:32 Manual edited by Tiger!P
Added a link to a way to use vuurmuur with fail2ban (diff)


17:28 Ticket #112 (Traffic log viewer should give a "shortcut" for adding new rules when ...) created by topher.incognito@…
A nice feature of a commercial firewall I used to use let me add new …


15:36 Changeset [a8d58df] by Fred Leeflang <fredl@…>
This is working again. Split off some IPC stuff as well
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