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I've tried to get source routing working using vuurmuur and the various PRE-VRMR and POST-VRMR tables, but it's a pain. It would be sweet if vuurmuur could do it (it might already).

I have two external routers, multiple DMZs and multiple internal LANS. sitting in the middle is vrmr. I would like to be able to specify source-routing within vrmr such that any packet not destined to an internal address is routed /via/ a particular IP (not just kicked out of an interface).


ALL Citrix traffic from lan10 on eth3 ->source routed to-> router1 ALL HTTP Traffic from lan10 on eth3 ->source routed to-> router2

The vrmr docs seem to indicate that SNAT gets close to this, I think, but there's no option to send /via/ a router.

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comment:1 by Victor Julien, 13 years ago

With SNAT you could maybe try the outgoing interface option (press F5 in the rule edit window to get the advanced rule options), but if that doesn't work Vuurmuur won't be able to do it I think.

Having Vuurmuur setup routing would be a major undertaking and I'm not sure I'm willing to go there. Apart from that I lack the time to do major features atm.

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