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#132 fixed SSL cert for Victor Julien Daniele Sluijters

Currently uses a self-signed SSL cert causing most browser to panic and display big bad wolf stuff in red and urging people not to continue.

It might be wise and doesn't even have to cost a penny to get a certificate signed by a trusted Root CA. StartCom provides Class 1 signed certificates for free and StartCom is included in about every major distribution and browser, Windows and OS X.

The only downside to the Class 1 cert from StartCom is that it is only valid for a year and does not allow for wilcards.

#129 fixed errors in Victor Julien GeM

all instances of "--add" should be "--create", and all instances of "--rules" should be "--rule"

#126 duplicate traffic volume does not seem to work Victor Julien anonymous

I have set up the file as described in the wiki, and from eyeballing the /var/log/iptrafvol structure, I can see that it's working every minute. I can run /usr/bin/ -d and get the nice grid output.. But in vuurmuur_conf, It /seems/ to be thinking about it (there's more pause than if I set the iptrafvol location to an invalid command), but the grid comes up '-' '-' '-' .

i'm using vuurmuur_conf 0.7 on Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10

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