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#85 fixed (Debian) init script is not LSB compliant Victor Julien Matthijs Kooijman <matthijs@…>

When installing the Debian package, update-rc.d complains about the init script. It is not LSB compliant. The LSB requirements are summarized here, with examples:

#138 fixed (debian wheezy source) hash sum mismatch when downloading vuurmuur-conf source Victor Julien Brian

Title just about says it all. After adding the wheezy repository and updating, doing: apt-get source vuurmuur and apt-get source libvuurmuur both complete without issue, however: apt-get source vuurmuur-conf fails with "hash sum mismatch".

I was wanting to build an amd64 version of the debs, but now I'm not sure if I should trust it. I also don't know if there are significant differences between the svn version and that I'd get from the repository, so I'd like to use the one from the repository unless informed otherwise. selecting the version below, I don't know if 0.7-1 is rc1, but I'm presuming so.

#40 fixed Add GUI support for selecting shaping unit Victor Julien Victor Julien

Create a menu or similar to select the unit for shaping settings, such as kbps, mbps, etc.

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